This section contains educational material for data mining with WEKA. The WEKA website contains information about the software, supporting material and data mining.

This introductory video explains the basics of WEKA in about 23 minutes.

The introductory WEKA video’s listed below give a thorough overview of the software and of the basics of data mining.

  1. Introduction
  2. Exploring the Explorer
  3. Comparing Classifiers
  4. Building a Classifier
  5. Using a Filter
  6. Visualising your Data
  7. Be a Classifier
  8. Training and Testing
  9. Repeated Training and Testing
  10. Baseline Accuracy
  11. Cross-Validation
  12. Cross-Validation Results
  13. Decision Trees and Rules
  14. Generating Decision Rules
  15. Using Probabilities
  16. Decision Trees
  17. Pruning Decision Trees
  18. Nearest Neighbor
  19. Classification Boundaries
  20. Linear Regression
  21. Classification by Regression
  22. Logistic Regression
  23. Support Vector Machines
  24. Ensemble Learning