This section contains 19 video tutorials for data mining with Orange. In addition, you can consult the PowerPoint slides on introductory data mining using Orange, included under the tab ‘Lecture Slides’ in the menu, and practice with basic exercises under the tab ‘Hands On’.

  1. Welcome to Orange
  2. Data Workflows
  3. Widgets and Channels
  4. Loading your Data
  5. Hierarchical Clustering
  6. Making Predictions
  7. Model Evaluation and Scoring
  8. Add-ons
  9. Principal Component Analysis
  10. Feature Scoring and Ranking
  11. k-Means
  12. k-Means Explained
  13. Silhouette
  14. Image Analytics – Clustering
  15. Image Analytics – Classification
  16. Text Preprocessing
  17. Text Clustering
  18. Text Classification
  19. How to Import Text Documents