This section contains video testimonials of data scientists in various jobs.

Peter de Kock

Peter is a Dutch cameraman, film producer and director. He studied at the Film Academy in Amsterdam and worked as a Director of Photography on many films and documentaries. In 2014, Peter completed his PhD research at Tilburg University. In his dissertation, entitled ‘Anticipating Criminal Behaviour. Using the narrative in crime-related data‘, he describes the design of  a scenario model that investigative agencies can use to adequately anticipate criminal behavior in the future, based on past criminal behavior. For more information, see the dissertation.

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In 2015, Peter gave a TEDx Groningen lecture that can be viewed here. Dutch viewers have the possibility to watch an interview with Peter at De Wereld Draait Door.

Ronald Leenes

Prof.dr. Ronald Leenes is full professor in regulation by technology at the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (Tilburg University). His primary research interests are regulation by (and of) technology, specifically related to privacy and identity management. He is also motivated and trying to understand the effects of  profiling, function creep and privacy infringements in general. A growing area of interest in his portfolio is the potential and negative effects of Big Data Analytics. For more information about Ronald’s research, you can visit his webpage.

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Dutch viewers can also watch a masterclass given by Ronald on the topic of privacy and the municipalities.

Mark Dijksman

Mark Dijksman is an expert in the area of technological and societal innovation, focusing on the value of Big Data in the public sector. One of the solutions proposed by Mark’s company concerns predictive modeling of care needs in order to increase self-reliance of citizens in a Dutch municipality. For more information about the solution, you can watch his presentation at TEDxBinnenhof here.

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In 2017, Mark presented at EventHorizon on OneUp, an initiative helping other organizations to understand new technologies including chatbots, AI and Data Science. The presentation (in English) can be viewed here.

Eelco van de Wiel

Eelco is an entrepreneur in the area of Data Science and social media. Among the solutions created by Eelco and his collaborators is the presenterswall, an online voting tool that allows the general public to ask questions and to vote with the help of their smartphones, and LiveWall, a tool collecting and monitoring information from social media. In 2012, LiveWall was employed during the Olympics in London. For more information, visit Eelco’s website.

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Eelco has an ingenious sense of humor, as shown by one of his Fool’s Day jokes when he had an article published about his company being acquired by Google. Since the article appeared on a Sunday, Google Netherlands was unable to contact the headquarters in the U.S. about the news item and called Eelco with the question – “is it true that we acquired your company?”

Mirjam Leunissen

Mirjam decided to trade her scientific career for a career in the media, in particular one of the main Dutch newspapers De Volkskrant, where she uses data sets to create interactive visualization. For examples of Mirjam’s designs, visit the website of her company Dutch Data Design.

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